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PTZE organized a special exhibition of porcelain on 15 and 16 October 2016 in the clay barn of the brick factory in Westmalle, Belgium.

The theme was EARTH, a happening for all human senses. The exhibition took visitors on a quest in a white-black world. Porcelain and earthenware objects were shown in the basic and rough setting of a clay barn. Culinary snacks and concoctions from Westmalle, completed the walk as an experience for all senses.

In het oog

On June 25, 1967 Oostmalle was struck by a tornado. It left a trail of destruction, but the church tower remained largely intact. A dramatic event to commemorate 50 years later, in September 2017. At the place where the tornado could not strike, the church tower, PTZE porcelain and Out-Standing, two companies born and bred under the Tornado tower, joined forces and organized an exhibition: In the eye. An expo for all senses.

Sans Cravate and La Suite Sans Cravate

Lotus Tiles

In 2017 PTZE had the honour to produce exclusive tiles of the world-famous LOTUS biscuits. Thousands of tiles produced by hand, one after the other. A job that required hours of dedicated craftsmanship.

.be our guest

I am delighted to inform you that Kathleen Billen and dr. Kristin van de Voorde-Heidbüchel have selected my porcelain tableware in their latest book “.be our guest – the ambassadors of Belgian hospitality”.

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