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Welcome to my website.

You may wonder what PTZE means. It comes from the dialect potazie or potagie and stands for compote or soup either from fruit or vegetables. But it also means mixture, composition. And that is what I am doing: composing ethos.

I am passionate about porcelain. For 20 years now.

The objects/pieces I make are the result of dedicated craftmanship.

I only work with the best natural materials.

I only use raw porcelain clay from Limoges (France) for my ceramic objects because of its transparency, tension and its most definite and uniquely pretentious edge.

Each object is turned or formed by hand to achieve a balance between the material and the finished product.

The objects are fired in an electric kiln at 1280°C.

​I invite you to enjoy this porcelain. 

It's made for your pleasure, you deserve it.

Warm regards,



Background information:

Anja Meeusen followed drawing and ceramic classes since she was 11. She had two years of practice at potteries in Belgium and France. Since 1998 PTZE is an independent business developing exclusive collections of table ware and decoration.

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